chainwinder-524x224ventlockdeadlatch & deadbolt

So you’ve done your homework & sifted through policy after policy, you’ve found the best value for money, surely it’s over right? You might need to check that you’re actually holding up your side of the bargain.

To keep your premiums down, most insurance policies require that you have not only deadlocks fitted to all external doors but also have window locks fitted to all opening windows. Failure to comply to these stipulations can often be the difference between your claim being covered or being out of pocket & feeling more robbed than before.

Fear not, this can easily be rectified. Not only is there a wide variety of deadbolts & deadlocks, there is also a huge range of window locks to suit various window styles.

Make sure to cover yourself & have the appropriate locks fitted so that your home then complies with the regulations that your insurance policy requires. Not to mention boosting your security in the process and possible eliminating the need to ever lodge a claim.


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