Most Professional Locksmith Services in Salisbury’s

For a reputable locksmith who boasts immaculate attention to detail, choose Modbury Locksmiths – your neighbourhood team that offers premium service both in-house and remotely. Whether you are in the Modbury area and want to drop into our store, or you have been locked out of your home in Salisbury and its suburbs, we’re here to help get everything back on track for you.

We offer emergency locksmith services – our mobile team will come to you to get you inside your own home. In the moment, there is nothing that’s more stressful than being locked out; it often happens at the most convenient times of night, or when the weather is at its grimmest. Fortunately, the team at Modbury Locksmiths is here with a mobile service that will get your doors unlocked, and your locks repairs. Call us for service, whether you have lost your keys, left them inside or have just discovered that your locks are faulty.

We’re happy to provide competent, professional service that draws on our years of training. Our locksmith team will get you inside sooner.

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We also provide automotive locksmith services

If you’re out and about – or even if your car is in your home’s driveway – it’s essential that you have your keys in hand. However, if you have lost your key chain, or locked it in the care, there is hope at hand. We will come to you in North East Adelaide to offer prompt and efficient service, no matter what model of car you drive.

It doesn’t even matter what time it is, as we offer after hours service, 24 hours a day.

Contact us to enquire about our service in Salisbury

Contact us in Salisbury and surrounds for more information and to book your service at home or in store. We’re centrally located in Modbury, making it easy for residents of surrounding areas to access outstanding service.

When you call, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote on service to ensure you get the value for money you deserve.

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