Watches – Pressure Testing & Band Replacements

We have recently extended our Watch services to include Watch battery replacement & pressure testing for just $40, which is a reasonable price compared to our competition.

We have also included Watch bands, both rubber & leather, from $15 fitted. Perfect for that old band which is starting to look a little rough around the edges.

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Spare Transponder Car Key

Holden, Ford and Toyota – some of the most common car transponder keys that we cut & program. We can also cut & program keys for most other major car brands, including Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Suzuki transponder keys.

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Transponder Keys – The hidden security to your car

So you’ve finally given up looking for that lost Car Key, even though you knew it would turn up somewhere!?! Better go get it replaced, surely it won’t cost too much, it’s just a key after all! Right? Unfortunately this is no longer the case, Cars are no longer just that big hunk of metal getting you from A to B. Now it’s all Bluetooth this and Hybrid that, which even the keys have had a drastic upgrade. In the late 1990’s there was quite a rise in Automotive Theft and the insurance companies were being inundated with claims because of it. A decision was made and put forward to Car Manufactures that if a change wasn’t implement they would no longer continue to insure vehicles. Following this was the introduction of Transponder Keys. Essentially a Transponder Key has a small chip within the head of the key that is coded to the car, without this chip the car will not start! This process happens without you even noticing, there is a coil/ring around your Ignition which reads the code from the chip and relays that information to your cars control module that then allows your car to start. ( People commonly confuse this with an Immobiliser, which is a similar concept but would generally require you to use a separate remote or activate a hidden switch within the car, whereas a Transponder just runs in the background as such upon normal operation ). No longer were criminals able to manipulate/force ignition barrels or attempt to hot wire vehicles. Due to this security upgrade, keys have now progressed from... read more

Meet the Team – Michael

Michael Moses – Engraver Michael comes to us with a wealth of engraving knowledge & experience. He completed his traineeship with Verrall Engravers in the 1980’s as a hand engraver, this was well before computer/laser engravers were even thought of. Michael has also spent time at Northside Trophies, Marion & Colonnades Locksmiths. Michael at one stage, owned his own engraving business ‘City Trophy & Badge’ where he specialised in fine hand engraving. He is well renowned in the industry for being an excellent hand engraver. We are very lucky to have Michaels skill & expertise, as good hand engraving is a dying art. For quality Hand Engraving in the Modbury area be sure to come in and see us at Modbury Locksmiths, Tea Tree Plaza.... read more

Digital Locksets – It’s as simple as 1 2 3

Losing the battle when it comes to spare keys? Getting no where replacing broken or lost keys for Friends & Family or even Staff members? Maybe its time to ditch the keys and look towards a digital lock. The concept of Digital Locks has been around for many years, since becoming more popular & technology progressing we now have more range for different door situations along with they actually can look quite stylish now. There are 3 main types available when it comes to Digital series locks – Mechanical Combination, Electronic Combination & Biometric. Mechanical Combination locks are best suited to weather prone areas as there are no electrical components involved but it is limited to just the one user code. Electronic Combination would have to be the most frequently used as it has both Residential & Commercial applications. Varying models can hold anywhere from 10 – 100 user codes, these codes can be deleted individually by the Master User which saves time & money if Staff turnover is an issue. Biometric is by far my favourite, but that’s purely because I’m a fan of anything a little bit techy & that has a bit of an out of the ordinary wow factor to it. Biometric locks operate by reading & identifying certain points within your fingerprint to allow access. No longer will you get caught outside in your pyjamas as the door slams shut behind you while grabbing the morning paper. Mind you, the view over Golden Grove isn’t too bad first thing in the morning.... read more

Safes – Secure your important items at home

Tired of looking all over the place to find those essential documents when you need them? Storing irreplaceable family memorabilia & paper work in a flimsy old filing cabinet? Rethinking your bush fire protection plan after the Pinery & the Sampson Flat fires? It might be time to look into getting a Fire Safe. Sure there are a lot of “safes” available at discounted hardware stores but unfortunately you’re getting discounted value. Most of these cheaper safes use a play on words by telling you that they’re “Fire Resistant” which generally involves a thin sheet of roofing insulation stuffed between the outer and inner casing. If it’s quality you’re after, be sure to check out our range of Fire Proof Safes. These safes are rated for up to 1hr at 1010°C by using a concrete fire retardant & can withstand a two story drop even after being burnt ( to simulate falling through a burnt floor ). Offering an electronic combination that can store two individual codes for separate users. The codes can be changed as often as you feel necessary. Using 4x AA batteries as a power source you’ll have ample battery life, even then the batteries are fitted externally which means no need to store an override key & it will still retain your existing code(s). Not only does the safe offer protection from just fires, it also has a few safety features which include the following; two internal mounting points, internal hinge bolts to prevent entry ( even if the external hinges are tampered with ) &  a security override code in the event of an... read more

Screen Doors – Not just for stopping flies

As we all know, Summer is well and truly upon us. On those balmy nights, where that slightest breeze is so refreshing and welcomed, taking with it the heat from the day that the house somehow managed to retain. It might be tempting to open up the doors & cool down the house over night, that is providing your screen doors are up to scratch. You’d be surprised at the amount of times I’ve gone out on site & the first thing I notice is a screen door barely holding on by a thread & the handles have lost all their spring & are drooping to the floor, it makes my blood boil – well either that or that fact that it’s well over 38°C… Having a secure screen door is such a safety bonus in the fact that when there is that unexpected knock at the door, you have some form of protection between yourself & them entering your home. A lot of screen doors are now coming out with security mesh that not only limits vision from the outside, it’s also knife/puncture resistant – which comes in handy for those pets that like to jump up at the door to greet everyone. Depending on your lock type there are additional bolts you can install which is commonly known as “3-Point Locking”. Rather than solely relying on just the one bolt in the middle of the door you can now secure both the top and bottom in conjunction to one another. These bolts operate via the main lock which offers an ease of use & allows you to... read more

Spare Keys – Hide & Seek

Lets face it, at one point or another most of us have been locked out and needed that spare key we’d hidden outside or had hoped it was returned after the last time. The problem with hiding a key is that most spots we tend to think of are generally the same as where everyone else thinks to hide theirs. It might be time to dust off that key from under the mat, dig up that bunch buried in the pot plant & get rid of that one rock or paver that is sitting out of place right next to the door, it’s not fooling anyone. The solution is as simple as mounting a Key Safe/Garage to safely secure your keys. All you need is a flat/solid surface to mount it to, such as a brick wall or a verandah post & you’re all set. Setting your own code is extremely simple and can be done over and over again, especially if it’s being used on a Rental Property or a Holiday House. That way if the previous tenants we’re to return they wont be able to access the keys stored inside. Be sure to call in and get yours today – If needed we can also arrange a time to install it for you.... read more

An Engraving Challenge

A somewhat unique engraving challenge today was presented to Danny in the form of an antique copper fire extinguisher; a solid shining piece of vintage metal. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Danny took to the extinguisher with his best engraving work, with his efforts resulting in a fine piece for the customer to enjoy. For any engraving jobs you may have in mind, no matter how difficult or odd they may seem, come on down to the store and have a chat to Danny, and you might be pleasantly surprised at what we can do. -Liam... read more
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