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Lets face it, at one point or another most of us have been locked out and needed that spare key we’d hidden outside or had hoped it was returned after the last time.

The problem with hiding a key is that most spots we tend to think of are generally the same as where everyone else thinks to hide theirs. It might be time to dust off that key from under the mat, dig up that bunch buried in the pot plant & get rid of that one rock or paver that is sitting out of place right next to the door, it’s not fooling anyone.

The solution is as simple as mounting a Key Safe/Garage to safely secure your keys. All you need is a flat/solid surface to mount it to, such as a brick wall or a verandah post & you’re all set.

Setting your own code is extremely simple and can be done over and over again, especially if it’s being used on a Rental Property or a Holiday House. That way if the previous tenants we’re to return they wont be able to access the keys stored inside.

Be sure to call in and get yours today – If needed we can also arrange a time to install it for you.


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